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FPLR Shielded Cable

Fire Alarm Cable

FPLR Shielded Fire Alarm Cable

Be sure to have the correct fire alarm cable to support your fire detection system. Fire alarm cable is designated by the NEC according to its permissible applications. The NEC rates the cable: FPLP, FPLR, or FPL based on the fire alarm cable’s fire reducing characteristics. FPLR shielded fire alarm cable is a power limited riser cable intended for installation in vertical, floor to floor applications, but not in air ducts. FPLR shielded fire alarm cable must pass rigorous testing in order to meet the FPLR designation.

This type of fire alarm cable is designed to quickly self-extinguish in a blaze, while generating a low quantity of smoke. Our power limited FPLR shielded cables comply with NEC section 760-41.

We carry the Fire Alarm Cable 18 AWG, 16 AWG, 14 AWG & 12 AWG 2 & 4 Solid Copper Conductors FPLR/CMG FT4 Shielded 1000' Red for power limited applications. This FPLR fire alarm cable is available with either two or four solid bare copper conductors with aluminum mylar shielding. This shielding helps maintain signal strength when installing FPLR cable near power lines. This FPLR fire alarm cable is ideal for fire protection, alarm and signal wiring, as well as for motion detection devices. It is available in a range of diameter sizes including: 12, 14, 16, and 18 AWG.

Be sure you have adequate tools before your next install. CyberXLink provides excellent wire stripping and cutting tools like the Wire Stripper, ProStrip, 10AWG to 20AWG. It has ergonomic grips to reduce fatigue, and is comfortable for both left and right handed users. Designed to meet the expectations of professionals, this wire stripper delivers. Expect consistent and reliable results with total comfort. Precision ground strip nest for clean strips on solid or stranded CU/AL wire. Curved cutting blades ensure clean, easy cuts.

Don’t see what you’re looking for, CyberXLink also carries a wide selection of Cable Security Tools including wire crimping tools, coax tool kits, and tone and probe kits. We provide a complete range of products for installing and maintaining fire alarm systems.

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Fire Alarm Cable Shielded FPLR PVC 1000 FT Red
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