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CAT5E Non-Booted Assembly Style Patch Cable

Networking CAT5E Patch Cords

CAT5E Non-Booted Patch Cables

Non-booted CAT5E patch cables are a great short distance networking option for the budget conscious. It does not include a strain relief boot or bubble over the release tab. The CAT5E non-booted patch cable just provides quick and easy connectivity for indoor routers, hubs, switches, patch panels, and adapters. It has 50 Micron gold plated RJ45 contacts for corrosion resistance and improved signal conductivity.

The CAT5E Non Booted Ethernet CMR UL Listed Patch Cable is available in lengths ranging from ½” to up to 40 feet. These non-booted patch cables have 24 gauge solid bare copper conductors for excellent attenuation and crosstalk characteristics. They are intended for indoor voice, video, and data networking and are CMR rated for floor to floor applications. Our solid conductor non-booted CAT5E patch cables can be used inside walls but not inside environmental airflow spaces.

Got Patch Panels? CyberXLink also supplies horizontal and vertical style patch panels for CAT5E networking. We provide high density versions for applications where space is limited, and shielded patch panels for installations where electrical interference is a concern. These are manufactured to fit standardized 19” server racks and enclosures. The RJ45 jacks have 50 Micro inches of gold plating to improve signal conductivity.

Troubleshooting network connections? We also supply a wide assortment of LAN Cable Testers. With a reliable cable tester you can quickly test and identify opens, shorts, reversed pairs, split pairs, mis-wires, and shield failures. We provide testers for working with coax, Ethernet, and fiber optic cable. Let CyberXLink be your one-stop-shop for everything networking including bulk cable, CAT5E booted patch cables, tools, and connectivity products. Our products are made of superior quality materials and will save you time and money on the job.

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CAT5E CMR Riser Rated Non-Booted Assembly Ethernet Patch Cable, Gray
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