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Structured Media Cabinets

Wall Mounted Structured Media Cabinets

The functionality and capacity of your network often relies upon having adequate storage for networking components. Having a wall mounted media cabinet for your data network provides organization, security, and storage space for patch panels and cables. CyberXLink offers wall mounted media cabinets which allow you to maximize usable space for your network.

The Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Bezel & Door - 14'', 28" or 42" is a cost saving solution to improve the efficiency of your network. The non-intrusive design of this wall mounted media cabinet won’t interfere in space restrictive areas. The enclosure maximizes interior space with a unique mounting system. This low-profile, wall mounted media cabinet is ideal for installation in classrooms, retail stores and other high traffic areas.

With its all steel construction and powder coat finish, this wall mounted media cabinet is durable and reliable. The bezeled door hides drywall seams and protects walls. This wall mounted media cabinet has a built in latch and power box knockout, and accepts standard 1” x 6” modules.

CyberXLink is an end to end provider of networking products including cables and hardware for wall mounted media cabinets. We offer a wide selection of CAT 6 Ethernet Patch Cables in lengths ranging from 1’ to up to 150’. Our Ethernet patch cables all meet or exceed high industry standards being either UL listed or ETL verified.

Our CAT 6 patch cables come with or without molded snagless boots, and we offer shielded patch cables for installation in areas of electronic interference. Shielding prevents signal degradation and problems from alien crosstalk.

Make sure you have adequate hardware for your server racks and wall mounted media cabinets. CyberXLink provides Cage Nuts and Rack Screws for configuring network components within your wall mount enclosure. We stock 10-32, 12-24, and M6 rack screws that are American made and built to last. We supply rack screws manufactured of cold forged steel with black oxide finish. Whatever you need for your data network, CyberXLink has got you covered. Thank you for visiting our site.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. 951-824-1572

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Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Cabinet Back
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Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Bezel & Door
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