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CAT6 Bulk Shielded Cable, CMP, Solid (ETL Verified)

Networking Cat6 Shielded CMP Rated Cables

Shielded CAT 6 Cable, CAT 6 Shielded CMP

For superior signal retention and fire hazard prevention, CyberXLink’s shielded CAT 6 cable is just the solution for you. The fire retardant polyvinylchloride jacket produces lower acid and smoke in the event of a fire. Not only does it produce lower amounts of toxins while burning, our FR-PVC jacketed shielded CAT 6 cable resists burning, thus preventing the spread of the fire.

Our CAT 6 Ethernet Cable, Shielded CAT 6 Cable, CMP, Solid, 1000’ Blue is foil twisted pair shielded for excellent attenuation and reduced crosstalk. The 23 AWG solid bare copper conductors are organized into four shielded twisted pairs. Popular applications for this shielded CAT 6 cable include: high speed data networking, Gigabit Ethernet, and plenum installation.

This CAT 6 Ethernet cable is supplied in 1,000 foot lengths on wooden spools.

CyberXLink’s shielded CAT 6 cable supports Ethernet 1BASE-TX, 100BASE-VG, and 155 ATM. It’s also well suited for 1000BASE-T Ethernet, and 622 ATM. If you require fire safe networking cable for an electrically noisy environment, look no further than CyberXLink. This shielded CAT 6 cable is intended for indoor applications only.

Some advantages of our shielded fire retardant cable include:
  • FR-PVC cable jacket produces lower toxins and smoke.
  • Foil twisted pair shielding of the twisted pairs reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • RoHS compliance ensures that our fire retardant shielded cable is fire safe.
  • The ground wire in our shielded Cat6 cables grounds EMI.

While upgrading your network, make sure you have the correct tools for the installation job. CyberXLink stocks cable cutting tools ideal for installing your shielded CAT 6 cable such as the Coax and Data Cable Cutter, BTP 6”. This rugged cable cutting tool is extremely durable and cuts cable with precision. This tool is suitable for cutting twisted pair cable up to 6 AWG in diameter.

CyberXLink carries a fine selection of quality networking tools to facilitate your cabling project. The Ratchet Type Crimping Tool serves multiple functions, making installations quicker. This crimp tool is compatible with RJ45, RJ11, and RJ12 connectors for shielded CAT 6 cable. It’s ideal for both telephone and data network wiring, and allows you to cut, strip, and crimp cable. Having the right tools makes the installation process smoother and more efficient, which saves you money.